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Ready for YBT. LYRICS


Hello Lucy, what's up today

how do you feel, in this beautiful day

are you ready

ready for something new

ready for YBT

come to me, cause I want to show you

what does it mean, to be bold, to compete

but you see

how much I love you

so very much I do


and had the tale not began yet

let it be you charming girl and let your

eyes wide open while i touch your skin

feel how the wind embraces all you

drop it all my baby

and let the world roll around us, roll


we're so young, so full of strength

living this tale, of partners and friends
we'll never be back

back to this age again

back to this days of grace

try to be, like a meaningful dream

fear and corage, an atonishing place

but you see

how much I love you

so very much I do


And longing to be free

just forget your fears

since they have perished

and looking far ahead

we will reach beyond

far beyond ourselves